Rylstone Premier | Colour Palette and Technical Specifications

Developed for the discerning specifier and prestigious industrial and commercial schemes. Rylstone Premier incorporates a bauxite/quartz within the mix giving a unique flecked, etched appearance together with impressive strength under compression and excellent water absorption characteristics.

COLOUR PALETTESpecial colours may be produced upon request. Rylstone Premier exceeds BS1217 in compressive strength.

palette ryl prem


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONIncorporating carefully selected aggregates, Rylstone premier displays a distinctive
Gritstone like, flecked texture and appearance.
Reinforced for handling purposes only.
Monolithic casting and pressing process to BS1217:2008.
Dimensional tolerances in accordance with BS1217:2008.
Naturally occurring raw materials are carefully batched to proven prescribed mix designs.
Reinforcement, where applicable, conforms to BS4449 and/or BS4483
(cut and bent to BS4466/BS4461 if appropriate).
Fixing design and cast stone detailing service available upon request.
Cementitious binders comply with BS12:1996.
Pigments comply BS1014:1975.
Density: Face mix 2100 kg/m3.
Compressive Strength: 35N/mm2 mean.
Water Absorption by Capillarity: <3.0g/m2/s0.5.
Moisture Movement: <0.60mm/m.
Reaction to fire: Euro class A1.